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Forever Replacement Warranty

Includes the industry’s only Lifetime Advanced Replacement Warranty

The name “Zeriva” is comprised of Service + Value and we stand behind our name. That’s why we offer a Forever Warranty on everything you buy from Zeriva or We know what you’re thinking…”Doesn’t everyone offer a lifetime warranty?” Well, yes, but if you read the fine print, we offer a step above what is available from our competitor’s warranties.

Zeriva’s Forever Warranty includes a LIFETIME Advanced Replacement Service that is not offered by anyone else in the industry. Go ahead, ask them…we dare you!

What does this mean to you? Our Lifetime Advanced Replacement Service allows you to receive replacement equipment and parts prior to returning your defective equipment. Unlike with a standard depot warranty, a process that typically takes upwards of 7 to 10 days, Zeriva’s Advanced Replacement allows you to get your systems back up to fully functional status as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Additionally, many warranties on the purchase of pre-owned Cisco networking equipment last only one year or less or expire when the equipment goes End-of-Life or End of Service from the Manufacturer. Zeriva’s lasts for as long you own the equipment.

The process is straightforward and easy to use; simply complete the Technical Support Request form to redeem your warranty.

Zeriva’s Forever Warranty is free of cost, never requires renewal and is included on all equipment purchased from Zeriva or Many of Zeriva’s customers elect to use our warranty service instead of a maintenance plan, allowing them to reinvest this savings into other IT projects. Zeriva does, however, offer a comprehensive maintenance service for those wishing for increased coverage and guaranteed SLAs. More information on our TRU-Shield Maintenance Program.

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