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Articles by Scott Robinson

  • The Official Death Of The Cisco Office Phone – Enter the world of BYOD

    by Scott Robinson | January 23, 2013

    Just about every product or trend has what is known as a shelf life.  The once revolutionary 8 track player was replaced by the cassette, and then replaced by the CD, then by the MP3 player.   The greatness of the VCR was replaced with Blu-ray and DVR.  US mail was replaced by email.  PS2 connections...

  • How Important is Customer Experience?

    by Scott Robinson | January 11, 2013

    I think just about everyone has had good and bad customer service experiences.  These experiences completely shape the way people make future decisions in both their personal and professional lives. For example – I remember as a kid waiting on Christmas morning to come, rushing down the stairs, and launching myself headfirst into the pile of...

  • What is Cisco’s “Product Takeback and Recycle” Program Really About?

    by Scott Robinson | January 10, 2013

                  Cisco states that according to the UN Environmental Program, the global e-waste stream is soon to reach 50 Million tonnes annually.  So… they have graciously offered a program to help with the growing concerns…. Or have they? I question the real purpose of the program and what it is designed to do because it is only...

  • Are You a Prisoner of the Deadly Patch Cable?

    by Scott Robinson | November 16, 2012

    A newly hired network administrator always encounters the most daunting tasks.  In most cases, it is probably the reason they were hired… and that is to come in and fix problems. Diagnosing the problem is a challenge in itself – never mind finding a resolution to the mess you inherited. Bottom line is you never really know...

  • Does Refurbished Really Mean Used?

    by Scott Robinson | October 17, 2012

    In today’s world similar concepts may have many different meanings… it’s all in the eyes of the beholder – right?  When you hear fast food do you think of “pink slime” or do you think of “hit me with a triple combo and extra nuts on my milk shake”?  Ok… Very bad example as I...

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