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Maintenance FAQs

Maintenance FAQs

1)    Q: What types of specialists will support me at Zeriva?
The Zeriva staff includes certified engineers, service/support managers, escalation managers and contract specialists. Most of our technical team is located at our headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia.

2)    Q: What if I need support after normal business hours?
Zeriva guarantees that one of our technicians or engineers will call you back within 60 minutes. In most cases, you’ll hear from an engineer in less than 30 minutes. With a 30-minute response time, you’ll speak with an experienced engineer before you could complete an OEM partner’s entitlement process. What’s more, your call is handled by a technical engineer rather than a call center attendant who will usually just transfer you to an engineer, extending the time required to answer questions or resolve issues.

3)    Q: Why work with Zeriva when I can work directly with an OEM vendor?
 There are many reasons to work with Zeriva instead of an OEM:

  • More experience and tenure - while it might seem counterintuitive, Zeriva technicians are often more experienced than OEM techs. Our technicians have an average of eight years of industry experience with an average tenure of six+ years at Zeriva. Technical support representatives at OEM organizations typically average only two years industry experience and their average tenure at their current organization is only 16 months.
  • Easier to work with – we have a fix first mentality and you directly to an engineer without going through a lengthy entitlement process.
  • No recertification fees – The OEM’s typically charge a hefty recertification fee to maintain equipment purchased outside their distribution channel (equipment from the secondary market). Cisco networking equipment is very reliable, so the only rationale for recertifying equipment is to coerce customers into purchasing new equipment. Zeriva doesn’t charge recertification fees no matter where you purchased the equipment
  • Cisco End of Life and End of Service – In addition to maintaining current generation equipment we also maintain equipment Cisco will no longer support.

4)    Q: Why don't you support every product in the Cisco portfolio?
Our vendor offerings are extensive but it’s impossible to be good at everything. Instead, we’ve carefully selected the most prominent products and services in the marketplace. By narrowing our focus, we can provide a much higher level of service and expertise. The products we focus on comprise the bulk of our customers’ install base. As a result, the percentage of products we don’t support is actually very small. These products represent such a small segment of the market that we can’t justify the investments required to provide superior support for them.

5)    Q: Can I call Cisco even if I use Zeriva maintenance?
For the fastest problem resolution process, we recommend that all service calls be initiated thru Zeriva directly. This enables us to expedite the troubleshooting process and resolve your problem without delay.

6)    Do you support other manufacturers’ (other than Cisco) equipment?
Yes, in addition to Cisco, our service organization can provide server, storage and networking maintenance support for IBM, HP, Dell, Hitachi, EMC, Juniper, Brocade, Sun/Oracle, Network Appliance (NetAPP) and related peripherals.

7)    Q: I’m an enterprise customer who already gets these exclusive benefits. Why would I want to go through Zeriva?
Zeriva’s help desk is based in the United States with English-speaking technicians and engineers. Because many vendors’ help desks are located overseas, you are more likely to experience frustrations and time delays caused by language barriers and unnecessary call routing. We also offer customized SLAs, better responsive time and significant cost savings with no vendor bias.

8)    Q: Can I cancel my Zeriva maintenance contract early?
Zeriva invests significant resources during the first year of your contract to ensure that we provide the level of support our customers have come to expect.
Zeriva pricing is competitive. That’s why 98% of our customers take advantage of annual pre-paid contract pricing. To ensure that we deliver based on contracted service requirements, we do not permit early cancellations.

9)    Q: How long have you been in business?
Zeriva has been in business since 2002. Learn more about Zeriva's company story.

10)    Q: I have locations outside the US. Can you support them?
Zeriva provides maintenance support contracts in both the United States and Canada

11)     Q: What if my dedicated technical account manager is on vacation, sick or I have a problem on a weekend? Can you support me?
Zeriva uses a team approach to managing your systems means that you’re never dependent on just one person. Everyone on your support team knows you, your business and your systems and brings a diverse set of skills to the job. As a result, you enjoy access to the collective expertise of the team and redundant support of Zeriva team members.

12)    Q: Where are your local part depots and field service offices located?
At Zeriva, we analyze your location-specific requirements and stock parts accordingly, either through our logistics partners or on-site for 24- hour access. Zeriva uses many logistics organizations for strategic stocking locations. These include UPS, FedEx and Choice Logistics. Strategically partnering with these logistics organizations across the country guarantees rapid response - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Parts stocks are continuously evaluated and updated based on actual usage levels.

13)    Q: Do you measure service quality? What metrics does Zeriva use to benchmark performance?
We routinely monitor service levels and benchmark operational performance to ensure that we consistently deliver excellence. We’ll work with you to identify an appropriate set of operational benchmarks at no cost to you. We can also work with you to develop custom reports for each agreed-upon metric.

14)    Q: How long does it take Zeriva to get up to speed and start supporting my equipment, as quoted?
Labor support also starts immediately. However, for parts depot initialization and other aspects of service/support, our average startup time is around 10 days. This covers the development of an overall support program that includes call flow, escalation paths, reporting and customer training on Zeriva toolsets.

15)    Q: How does Zeriva screen and qualify sub-contractors?
If required, we engage subcontractors from the same certified technical pool that the OEMs use. The field engineering services these subcontractors provide must be certified to the level required to perform the work. They must pass a rigorous background check, be certified, have a minimum level of experience, be located near your facility, insured, professional in demeanor and appearance and governed by a service level agreement. Zeriva Technical Account Managers directly monitor all subcontractors.

16)    Q: How do you open a service call or request when I call your 800 number?
 When it comes to opening a service request at Zeriva, the focus is on flexibility. We support all traditional methods for opening a service call or request. You can call our 800 number, send us an email or use our web portal to open a request. We review all of these methods with you as part of your on-boarding process before your service begins.

17)    Q: Is there a way that I can check the status of open trouble tickets?
Yes, via our web portal. The Zeriva customer web portal is a powerful tool that provides you with 24/hour visibility into your service activity - both historically and up to the minute. We’ll give you login credentials that make it easy to place service calls and review the real-time status of service call progress, including field engineer arrival times, parts tracking and resolution information.

18)    Q: Is scheduled maintenance available for firmware and operating system upgrades for OEMs other than Cisco?
Yes, Zeriva complies with OEM licensing policies and can assist with firmware patches and updates and operating system upgrades. The nature and extent to which we can apply these capabilities is a matter of understanding your unique needs and creating a tailored approach to executing and maintaining processes. We recommend that you maintain a current operating system licensing agreement with OEMs to ensure access to firmware and OS upgrades.

19)    Q: Can we integrate our call management program with yours?
Yes, we offer an electronic data interface and call management program that integrates with most industry-standard call management systems. As part of our customer on-boarding process, we’ll discuss and implement the appropriate links to our web portal with you.

20)    Q: How do your engineers communicate with us while a service event is being completed?
We respond directly by phone, email or through the Zeriva web portal. We review all available communications channels/methods during your on-boarding process to ensure that escalations are communicated in a timely and responsive manner. You will receive communications confirming the following:

  • Trouble ticket receipt
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Technician dispatch
  • Parts dispatch
  • Technician arrival
  • Problem resolution
  • Close of trouble ticket

21)    Q: What coverage terms are available? Is there a minimum term?
Zeriva offers support options ranging from 1-5 years. The minimum term is typically one year.

22)    Q:  Where do you source spare parts?
We source pre-owned equipment and parts from any of these sources:

  • Trade-in programs/other OEMs: when companies upgrade to new network equipment and return equipment to OEMs/Cisco as part of a trade-in program, millions of dollars worth of used network equipment enters the secondary market.
  • Off lease: leasing of network equipment is big business. As a result, large numbers of leased hardware products reach the end of their lease terms and come off lease. However, because most lease terms range from one to three years, the equipment is usually still current and in high demand with corporate IT departments. Zeriva partners with leasing companies and purchases it directly from them when it comes off lease.
  • Surplus/new surplus: products that have never been used and are still in their original packaging. We purchase excess inventories of equipment in bulk from distributors, corporate users and government organizations.
  • Customers like you: much used equipment reaches the secondary market from customers like you who upgrade to new equipment or de-install network gear that no longer meets their needs.

23)    Q: How experienced are Zeriva engineers?

  • Level I engineers have two to four years of experience
  • Level II engineers typically have five to eight years of experience
  • Level III engineers have eight or more years of experience

If your contract calls for a specific skill set, we’ll address your requirements with you before your coverage begins.

24)    Q: If I have equipment that is still covered under Cisco’s warranty, will using Zeriva’s maintenance void that warranty?
No, your Cisco warranties remain intact when you work with Zeriva. Our technical account managers can facilitate any warranty events with Cisco on your behalf.

25)    Q: Can Zeriva provide support for CAT OS and IOS ?
Zeriva can provide complete software support.

26)    Q: What types of companies rely on you for Cisco maintenance support?
Zeriva is proud to serve businesses and organizations of virtually every type, size and industry sector. In fact, hundreds of businesses and organizations rely on Zeriva to maintain their equipment every day. Our customers include:

  • Fortune 1000 companies
  • Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs)
  • U.S. government organizations
  • Universities and school systems
  • Non-profit organizations

Zeriva serves a diversity of customers who experience our quality service every day. You also can check out a list of our current customers.

27)    Q: What service level agreements (SLAs) does Zeriva offer?

A: Zeriva offers several different tiers of SLAs:

  • 8x5 Next-Business Day - We provide service from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in your local time zone, Monday through Friday, excluding Zeriva holidays.
  • 24x7x4-Hour - We provide service around the clock, every day, including Zeriva holidays.
  • Custom SLAs - available on request

28)    Q: Do I have to have my hardware recertified?
No, Zeriva does not require that your equipment be recertified before maintenance coverage begins - as long as the OEM or an authorized service provider has maintained it. In the event that we experience an unusually high volume of service requests within the first 30 days (which may constitute a pre-existing condition), Zeriva may review these circumstances and discuss time and material charges for these calls. However, this only occurs if there is unusually high call volume within the first 30 days.

29)    Q: Can I add and remove equipment to my maintenance contract?
Yes, you can add or remove hardware to your contract. We have a flexible procedure for this type of request, covered during the customer on-boarding process.

30)    Q: How long will Zeriva support my equipment?
Zeriva will maintain your equipment as long as you want to use it.

31)    Q: Do I have to maintain all my equipment through Zeriva?
No, many customers use our services to complement existing coverage. Zeriva maintenance is most cost-effective when equipment warranties expire. Many customers initiate our coverage when equipment moves into a post-warranty status. Others add Zeriva coverage at the time of purchase.

32)    Q: Does Zeriva support Cisco End of Life (EOL) products?
Zeriva can support all of your Cisco equipment, including any products that have been designated End of Life by Cisco. Given our large inventory, we can stock and maintain all the parts necessary to provide service for equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer.

33)    Q: Do any Zeriva field engineers have secret security clearance?
Yes, Zeriva has current government contracts, which require our field engineers to have security clearance. We also have a detailed GSA contract for networking maintenance.


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