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Zeriva FAQs

 Zeriva FAQs


Where do you get your equipment?

Zeriva sources products from a number of different places. Some of these sources are listed below. No matter where we obtain our equipment, we only select the highest-quality systems. Then, we put them through rigorous testing, inspections, certification routines and a proven refurbishment process.

  • Equipment from customers like you – We acquire equipment from longtime customers who have upgraded to new equipment, de-installed network hardware that no longer meets their needs or want to turn depreciated assets into capital.
  • Trade-in/other OEM equipment – Many of Cisco’s competitors (HP, Juniper, Brocade, F5) offer trade-in programs to incent end users to switch networking platforms. Cisco equipment that is returned to these OEMs as part of these trade-in programs becomes part of our inventory pool. In addition, Zeriva obtains used Cisco hardware that enters the secondary market because inadequate manufacturer trade-in programs fail to entice consumers to trade it in.
  • Off-lease equipment – The Leasing of technology equipment is a big business, which means that a vast amount of leased equipment regularly reaches the end of its lease term and comes off lease. Given that lease terms typically range from one to three years, this equipment is still current and in high demand with corporate IT departments. Zeriva has established partnerships with these leasing providers and purchases this quality equipment directly from them as soon as it comes off lease.
  • End-of-life/retired equipment – When manufacturers declare equipment end-of-life or end-of-service and no longer support it, many customers upgrade or replace hardware - even though it still has several years of useful service remaining. Zeriva recognizes the years of value still remaining in this equipment, acquires it and refurbishes it to like-new condition. We pass this value on to our customers, who can take advantage of equipment that performs like new – but costs significantly less. If you’re concerned with how to service end-of-life or retired equipment, Zeriva offers a variety of maintenance plans that provide the support you need.
  • Liquidated equipment – Large quantities of Cisco equipment enter the secondary market as the result of mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies or liquidations.

How much can I expect to save by purchasing from Zeriva?

When you purchase refurbished equipment from Zeriva you can expect to realize a significant discount off the cost of new hardware, with typical savings of 50-90% off OEM list price.

What types of companies buy from Zeriva?

Zeriva is proud to serve businesses and organizations of virtually every type, size and industry sector. From small and mid-sized business to Fortune 100 companies, all types and sizes of organizations take advantage of the tremendous cost savings available with used Cisco equipment. So it’s not surprising that hundreds of businesses and organizations around the world have been relying on Zeriva’s used equipment to run their businesses for more than a decade. Customers include:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs)
  • Government organizations (Federal, State, Local) GSA
  • Universities
  • School systems
  • Non-profit organizations

You can view a sample list of our customers

How can you guarantee that a replacement part/system will be available forever?

At Zeriva, we maintain an extensive inventory of parts and replacement systems that reaches back 15 years in the Cisco product lifecycle. If you need a part that is no longer available, we will replace the part/device with a Cisco component or device that has comparable functionality.

Can I get support for Cisco equipment I didn’t purchase from Zeriva?

Zeriva offers support for all of your Cisco hardware no matter where you purchased it. Even better, our Cisco hardware support options typically cost 30% to 50% less than Cisco’s branded maintenance service, Smartnet. Check out our support options.

What is the failure rate on Zeriva-provided Cisco hardware?

Our number one priority is to ensure your satisfaction by providing you with reliable, high-quality hardware. Every piece of equipment we sell is cleaned, thoroughly tested to manufacturer’s specifications and shipped to you in like-new cosmetic condition with testing sheets confirming that the unit was performing properly at the time of shipment.

Cisco equipment is built to be incredibly reliable and very rarely fails. That’s what makes it ideal for reuse. The hardware failure rate for Cisco equipment refurbished by Zeriva is less than 2%.

Are you an authorized Cisco partner/reseller?

Zeriva is an independent reseller of Cisco products. Because of this independence, we can offer our customers some unique advantages that are not available through Cisco. We have access to more parts, broader equipment sources and often can offer better availability and greater flexibility in procuring Cisco products.

How do you ensure that your equipment is not counterfeit?

Zeriva has a strict, zero-tolerance policy against counterfeiting. We acquire our products from trusted suppliers. Every unit we receive goes through an intensive internal inspection and external inspection process for potential counterfeiting. Additionally, Zeriva is a member of the FBI task force, InfraGard, which monitors for infrastructural and counterfeiting threats.

Do you upgrade all products with the latest software?

Our products are returned to their original factory settings and offered to you with the software or firmware version that was in place at the time of de-install.

How quickly can you ship my order?

Typically our products ship within 24-48 hours.

What is a clean serial number and does a product have to have one to serviceable through an OEM under contract?

Equipment with a “clean serial number” refers to a product that is currently not under Cisco's Smartnet maintenance coverage and is eligible for support directly from Cisco. While clean serial number status is required for Cisco Smartnet coverage, it is not required for Zeriva maintenance programs.

There is a common misperception that if the serial number is not clean, the equipment is not reliable or authentic. In truth, whether or not the serial number is clean has nothing to do with the quality, dependability and authenticity of the device.

What are Cisco’s end-of-product lifecycle stages?

Cisco equipment has several end-of-product stages. These include End of Life, End of Service, End of Software Maintenance Release, End of Contract Renewal and End of Sale. Here are some brief definitions of the various stages:

  • End-of-Life Announcement Date – the official announcement from Cisco of its plan to discontinue a particular product.
  • End-of-Sale Date – represents the last date a product can be purchased through distributors or Cisco sales channels. After this date, the product is no longer available. This date is usually exactly one year from the End-of-Life announcement date. However, Zeriva can still provide the hardware.
  • Last Ship Date – the last day Cisco will ship a product
  • End-of-Software Maintenance Release Date – the last date Cisco will release final bug fixes or patches. After this date, Cisco will no longer develop, repair, maintain or test the product software – this typically takes place two years from the End-of-Life announcement. Zeriva provides software maintenance services to maintain these products’ software after Cisco deems them End-of-Software Maintenance.
  • End-of-Routine Failure Analysis Date, Hardware – after this date, Cisco will no longer analyze product failures or defects.
  • End-of-New Service Attachment Date – the last day that a customer can order Smartnet for a product or add the product to an existing contract. This usually takes place two years from the EOL announcement. Zeriva offers maintenance options to support products after this date.
  • End-of-Service Contract Renewal Date– the last date that an existing Smartnet contract can be renewed – usually five years from the EOL announcement.  Zeriva offers maintenance options after this date.
  • Last Day of Support – the last official date you can receive any service or support before Cisco deems the product obsolete.  Zeriva offers maintenance options after the date.

What is Zeriva's 15% guaranteed trade in program?

For the life of the equipment, you can return equipment purchased from Zeriva that you no longer need and use the credit to offset the price of additional Zeriva equipment. Zeriva will determine the trade-in value of your old equipment, guaranteeing at least a 15% return on any product you purchase from us, no matter how long you’ve owned it.

What is our warranty policy?

Zeriva provides a Forever warranty on all equipment that we sell. This means that the equipment you purchase from our company is guaranteed to perform to OEM specifications for as long as you want to keep it in service

How does the Forever Warranty Work?

Using the Zeriva Forever Warranty is easy. Simply fill out the technical support request form if any of your Zeriva-purchased hardware should fail: A technician will contact you to assist with the device.

Does the Forever Warranty cover IOS support and updates?

Our forever warranty covers the Cisco hardware for as long as you own the equipment. Additionally, Zeriva includes 90 days of configuration support. This includes support for IOS as it relates to the configuring of the device(s). 

What hours is Zeriva TRU Shield maintenance support available?

TRU Shield support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 855-770-1400 or fill out our Technical Support Center form.

Does Zeriva offer installation services?

Zeriva offers complete installation, setup and technical support options for all of the equipment we sell. Installation services are quoted separately. Please contact your sales rep to learn more.

What payment options does Zeriva offer?

For your convenience, Zeriva offers several different payment options.

  •  Credit with net 30 terms  is available to qualified corporate buyers.
  • Credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA) – to keep your credit card information safe and secure, our servers encrypt all information received and we never keep your credit card information on file. All documents are shredded regularly.
  • PayPal secure payments
  • Checks or wire transfer – if you choose to pay by check, or wire transfer you will receive instructions on how to send your payment once you submit your order
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments

What verticle markets do you serve?

Do I have to pay sales tax on my Zeriva hardware purchase?

We only collect sales tax if your business is in the state of Georgia.

Can you maintain new and end-of-life Cisco equipment?

Zeriva offers cost-effective maintenance support options for all Cisco equipment. Unlike, Cisco, we do not require recertification for equipment purchased from other sources. Zeriva never penalizes our maintenance customers based on the origin of their equipment. Learn more about Zeriva maintenance options here

What shipping options are available for products I purchase from Zeriva?

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from any of these options to ensure on-time delivery:

Standard Ground Shipping in the U.S.

The following expedited services are available for an additional fee:

  • Next-day air shipping
  • Two-day air shipping
  • Supersaver/express shipping
  • Expedited LTL
  • Standard and priority international shipping (FedEx, UPS, DHL)

What maintenance Service Legal Agreement options does Zeriva offer?

Cisco maintenance with SLAs:

Service Level Agreement (SLA) support

-          8x5xNBD

-          24x7x4

-          Spare program

-          Custom service and maintenance


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