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Internal Inspection

Internal Inspection

Internal Inspection - Figure 16: 3750 Internal View

Figure 16: 3750 Internal View

Next an internal inspection and cleaning is performed. The internal components are visually inspected to check for broken solder joints, swollen resistors, capacitors and inductors. Internal components are also checked for discoloration, misalignment, cracks and scratches. An internal view of a 3750 is shown in Figure 16.

Heat Sinks

Internal Inspection - Figure 17: 3750 Heatsinks

Figure 17: 3750 Heatsinks

Heat sinks are checked for chips, broken fins and discoloration. They are also checked in the internal inspection to verify that they are properly mounted. Figure 17 shows an example of 3750 Heat Sinks.

Internal Cables

Internal Inspection - Figure 18: 3750 Internal Cables

Figure 18: 3750 Internal Cables

Internal cables are checked during the internal inspection to ensure that they are properly routed and connected and that they show no signs of nicks, broken connectors or discoloration. Figure 18 shows the internal cables on a 3750.

Power Supply

As part of the internal inspection, a detailed power supply inspection is performed. Components are inspected for nicks, cracks, discoloration and swelling. Figure 19 shows a 3750 Power Supply.

Internal Cleaning

internal Inspection - Figure 20: Compressed Air Cleaning

Figure 20: Compressed Air Cleaning

An air compressor is used to remove any dust that may be on the inside of the device. No chemicals or canned air is used. Figure 20 shows an example of the process

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