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Packaging and Storage


Once the equipment passes the inspection, testing and restoration phases, we document the serial number and package the sealed unit in a Zeriva branded, UPS/Fed Ex approved box which is stored in our facility as the final part of our TRU Refurbishment Process - Packaging and Storage. Unique control numbers are assigned to all used Cisco hardware in order to locate equipment at all times and assure quick order processing.

All of our Cisco equipment is shipped with:

Packaging and Storage - Custom End Caps

  •  Custom End Caps

Packaging and Storage - All accessories (cables and test sheets)Packaging and Storage - Test Sheets









  • All Accessories (Cables and Test Sheets)
  • No Hassle 15 Day RMA Information
  • Forever Warranty Card
  • Maintenance and Contact Information


Once an order is placed our technicians compare the equipment’s packing slip with customer order for accuracy and then add a full accessory package.

Packaging and Storage - Full Accessory Package is included with the product

  •  Full Accessory Package is Included with the Product

Packaging and Storage - Box with completed product is stamped – tested, restored, unparalleled!

  •  Box with Completed Product is Stamped with Zeriva's TRU Refurbishment Logo - Tested, Restored, Unparalleled!

Packaging and Storage - Zeriva Boxes FinishedPackaging and Storage - Zeriva Box

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