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Restoration Process

At Zeriva, we don't just ensure performance of our refurbished Cisco. Updates are made to the appearance of the equipment as well. All equipment we sell is restored to like new condition. Each unit is cleaned and detailed and all previous customer asset tags are removed.

Want to know more about the complete process we follow to update Cisco equipment to like-new condition? Read on to learn about our step-by-step restoration process.

Surface Preparation

Wipe surface clean with lacquer and Acetone

Restoration Process - Surface Preparation

Tape Twice around stickers and badges

Tape once to sand then remove old tape and tape again before painting. All stickers and badges are taped over to prevent damage during the restoration process. All tape is edged using a sharp razor blade.

After taping, surfaces are sanded using 180 grit sand paper and then 150 grit sand paper. The technician avoids sanding to bare metal if possible and smooths the surface to allow paint and primer to stick.
Sanding around tight areas around stickers and badges is done by hand.

Restoration Process - Sanding - Surface Preparation

After sanding, a Scotch Brite pad is used on the surfaces to be painted to scuff the surface so the paint and primer will stick.

After sanding, the surfaces are prepped with a clean cotton cloth and Acetone and then the tape is removed from the stickers and badges. All stickers and badges are then re-taped.

White paper is wrapped around cabinets and surfaces that are not to be painted.


Primer is required only on bare metal and is used to build a ‘bridge’ across the metal and takes an hour to dry.

Clean up

Pour out unused Primer from cup and then clean paint gun with virgin solvent.

Pour waste solvent, primer and paint in an approved container to be picked up by waste disposal service.

Spray air through the paint gun to complete the cleaning.


Stir paint to mix before each use.

Final prep is to wipe surfaces with a sticky rag while spraying compressed air.

Pour paint through filter into sprayer cup.

To apply paint hold paint gun 2 feet above surface, technique provides texture.

Restoration Process - Paint

Cover evenly with high pressure then let sit for a few minutes and apply a second coat if needed.

Lay aside to dry.

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