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Intelligent Asset Recovery

Simplify your end-of-life IT equipment management with our economically-efficient and environmentally-friendly risk-free asset recovery program.

In today’s business environment with an increasing number of companies migrating to cloud computing and data center environments, proper asset recovery is no longer an afterthought. Smart planning goes a long way in reducing hassle, ensuring environmental compliance and maximizing the return from recoverable assets. At Zeriva, our IT professionals understand how to balance data security and indemnification services with environmental demands for responsible and cost-effective asset recovery.

Our comprehensive services—designed to ensure you get the maximum value from recoverable assets while exceeding strict environmental guidelines and security measures to protect your data—include:

  • Serialized asset tracking thru entire recovery process (deinstallation, transport and final disposal)
  • De-installation
  • Re-deployment
  • Recycling
  • Asset Tag Removal
  • Remarketing
  • Data Sanitation
  • On-site Packing/ Shipping
  • Asset Audit/Reporting
  • Out Right Purchase

Recover the value in your IT assets and protect your data with our environmentally friendly asset recovery services. Contact us today to learn more.

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