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IT Asset Disposition


Zeriva helps you dispose of IT assets with ease and confidence; Trust Zeriva for Safe, Secure and Responsible IT Asset Disposition

When aging equipment no longer delivers the performance you need, secure disposal is a critical concern. Especially given the increasingly complex legislation governing the proper disposal of IT assets, trends toward data center modernization and migration to transformative technologies like cloud computing and virtualization.

So, how do you dispose of retired IT assets in a safe, secure, environmentally responsible way? How do you protect sensitive company, employee and customer data, minimize risk and prevent exposure to costly fines, penalties and negative publicity?

Let Zeriva take care of IT asset disposition (ITAD) for you.

That’s where Zeriva Asset Disposition Services comes in. We’re a trusted partner you can count on to take care of IT asset disposition (ITAD) for you. We handle all the processing, auditing, reporting and logistics details associated with disposing of hardware. As a result, you’re free to focus on other details - like running your business -with complete peace of mind.

From pickup and transportation of equipment to remarketing, redeployment or recycling, Zeriva provides a chain of custody for every asset.

Products are transported to our secure warehouse where we conduct a full inventory of your assets. We shred hard drives, erase/destroy data, remove asset tags and other identifying marks, as well as record serial numbers. You receive a serialized audit report detailing the processing and testing results of your equipment as well as a certificate of indemnification, absolving you and your company of liability.

Zeriva asset disposition services

Discover how Zeriva asset disposition services let you dispose of retired IT equipment with ease and peace of mind. Call us today at 1-855-770-1400.

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