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Professional Services


Zeriva Professional Services. Installation, Configuration and Management for LAN, WAN and WLAN by our team of Certified Cisco Engineers.

Zeriva offers a variety of professional services to assist your team with planning, configuring and installing complex network environments; assessing and optimizing your network infrastructure; and monitoring and managing your network to proactively minimize risk. Zeriva’s Professional Services’ Team is comprised of Cisco certified CCNAs, CCNPs and CCIEs.

Zeriva extends the capabilities of your IT group without the need to hire additional employees. Zeriva provides the additional man-power for new projects or short-term projects and extends the time, experience and capabilities of your internal staff. Our goal is to raise the satisfaction of your corporate end-users while lowering your total information technology cost.

Network Services Include

 Network Architecture and Planning

 Network Monitoring and Reporting

 Network Assessment and Optimization

 Network Management and Configuration


Project Types:

  • Site-to-Site VPN Set-up
  • Multi-site Rollout – LAN and WAN Set-up
  • Disaster Recovery Site Planning and Implementation
  • LAN and WAN Monitoring and Management
  • LAN, WAN, WLAN Planning and Implementation
  • LAN, WAN, WLAN Install, Move, Add, Change (IMAC)
  • Break-fix
  • Troubleshooting
  • Firewall Configuration and Management

Here are some examples of our work and how we have helped our clients save time, money and resources.

Was your network design optimized by an expert who had your best interest at heart?

OEM engineers design networks for clients with a focus on the latest and often most expensive technology. Some companies must be on the cutting edge of technology, but for many, remaining on the cutting edge represents unnecessary expenses.

How we can help Cisco CCIE Certified Engineers at Zeriva recently designed a network upgrade for a technology company using two 6509-E core switches, 1G network ports and redundant Virtual Supervisor engines that are two generations old, but provide more than enough capacity for critical operations and several years of growth. The network upgrade designed by Zeriva saved the company over $300,000.

Does your current monitoring solution provide enough insight to make informed capacity decisions?

How we can help Zeriva conducted performance monitoring for a manufacturing company that was planning a network upgrade. The results showed their existing 1G network was operating at 40% capacity and no upgrade was necessary at that time. Zeriva also conducted performance monitoring at a cloud services company, which revealed the network was at nearly 100% capacity due to traffic between servers and they needed to upgrade to 10G immediately.

Is network downtime killing productivity?

How we can help A CRM hosting company was experiencing frequent outages, which caused discontent among their customers. Zeriva developed and implemented a disaster recovery plan for the company, which provided redundancy for their data center and WAN connections. The main site is in Minneapolis and the DR site is in Denver. Zeriva’s Cisco Certified Engineers and Technicians were able to design and implement a cost effective plan that not only ensured the stability of their network, but resolved their short term challenges as well.

Is your IT group unable to focus on their core competencies?

How we can help Server Administrators at a medical manufacturing company were frustrated with spending 50% of their time on network management. Zeriva conducted network architecture and planning, and now provides local engineers and technicians when needed, allowing server administrators to focus on their core competencies.

Do you need installation and services at satellite locations?

How we can help A software company in the Northeast needed to open a 20 employee office in Los Angeles on short notice, however they lacked internal resources in the region. Zeriva’s IMAC services had engineers on-site installing and testing the telecommunications equipment within 24-hours. The project was completed ahead of the 48-hour estimate.

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