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4 Things to Look for in Your ITAD Partner When Disposing of Surplus IT Equipment

As the director of an IT department for a growing company, one of your key responsibilities is to select a trusted IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider. While this task may seem straightforward, the reality is that not all ITAD providers are created equal. Just one oversight or mistake by an inexperienced provider can compromise confidential records, result in costly fines, and jeopardize your company’s reputation as a trustworthy organization.

Fortunately, you can help avoid these pitfalls by ensuring that the ITAD partner you choose exhibits some fundamental qualities that set them apart from the competition. From a strong focus on data security to the ability to boost your ROI on your IT assets, the ITAD partner you select should have a proven track record of success. Below is a look at some of the key challenges related to the disposal of surplus IT data and four things to look for in your ITAD partner.

What Are the Most Common Challenges Related to the Disposal of Surplus It Data?

“Large U.S. organizations have made major improvements in their information technology asset disposition (ITAD) practices this year, according to new primary and secondary research conducted by Compliance Standards LLC (CS). But an unsettled ITAD vendor ecosystem has raised concerns among ITAD services buyers, leading to reduced commitment from users.”

 Recycling Today

Research on ITAD practices indicates that American businesses are improving their ITAD practices. However, researchers have also discovered that the ITAD industry encompasses providers that use unethical recycling methods. Other challenges include online selling of surplus data and a lack of focus on audit reporting. A recent compliance article in Recycling Today outlined these concerns, highlighting the need for improvement among ITAD vendors in the key areas outlined below.

1) Adhere to the Highest Recycling Standards

Safe, eco-friendly e-waste recycling should be a top priority for your ITAD partner. The partner you choose should offer solutions that comply with regulatory standards in your industry in addition to government compliance standards. The nation’s top ITAD partners are aware of all of the authorized disposal facilities in the United States and will ensure that your electronic waste is properly recycled or disposed.

Failure to choose a partner with a focus on recycling standards can leave your organization at risk for costly fines and civil penalties. For example, Whole Foods Market California was recently found guilty of mishandling the disposal of electronic devices. They were fined $1.2 million for failing to properly dispose of their electronic waste and were required to provide extensive employee training on the proper disposal of hazardous and electronic waste.

2) Timely and Accurate Audit Reporting

Audits require just the right balance of efficiency and exhaustiveness. For example, reporting audit times should take no more than 10 business days. More importantly, the ITAD partner you select should be comprehensive in their review of your assets. They should utilize a proactive approach to avoid ITAD problems and should offer the following as a part of their auditing process:

  • A detailed review of all of your assets to identify opportunities for value
  • Verification of the serial numbers, makes, and model numbers of all of your equipment
  • A thorough review of your equipment to ensure you are receiving the highest possible value on your investment
  • Discuss the internal control mechanisms that you have in place to detect and prevent misuse of equipment and data

3) Robust Data Security

Choosing an ITAD partner with a flawless reputation for proper data removal is essential to preventing costly data breaches. The average cost of a data breach in the United States has reached a record high of $7.35 million, highlighting how vital it is to properly remove customer data. Secure data removal methods include shredding hard drives or using an approved Department of Defense compliant erasure software application.

4) A Higher ROI on Your IT Assets

Many IT asset managers are unaware of the potential for revenue that is directly related to their electronic asset disposition. However, an accomplished ITAD company that specializes in remarketing can help you enjoy a higher return on your IT assets. Here are some specific points of focus for a forward-thinking ITAD partner to help you enjoy a higher ROI on your IT assets:

  • Asset Tracking: The ITAD partner you choose should continually monitor all of your IT assets, keeping track of procurement dates
  • Timing: A proactive ITAD firm will help ensure that you liquidate your assets before they lose too much value
  • Logistics: Efficient logistics strategies can equate to thousands of dollars in additional revenue depending on the size of your business

Finally, it is important to look for a partner that is experienced with the secondary market for Enterprise IT assets and endpoint devices. In contrast to generalist ITAD companies that typically dispose of assets with little or no resale value, ITAD companies with remarketing expertise can maximize recovery for remarketable assets. The end result is a healthier bottom line for your organization.

Successfully Overcoming Your IT Asset Disposition Challenges

Selecting a trusted ITAD partner is one of the most important decisions you will make as an IT Director. As outlined above, it is critical to carefully evaluate prospective partners to ensure that they have the experience, resources, and efficiency required to properly dispose of your IT assets. Additionally, the ITAD partner you choose should be sharply focused on helping you improve your ROI on your IT assets while generating disposal solutions that are environmentally-friendly.

Learn More About What to Look for in an ITAD Partner when Disposing of Surplus IT Equipment

Zeriva welcomes the opportunity to work with your organization to map out a customized plan to properly dispose of your IT assets. Our team of responsive, certified engineers is accustomed to disposing of IT assets for Fortune 500 companies and offer a comprehensive array of IT solutions for growing companies. Helping you enjoy a high ROI on your assets while complying with industry regulations is our top priority, and we offer an impressive track record of success in the remarketing arena. We look forward to the opportunity to serve as your trusted ITAD partner!

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4 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Next IT Budget

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Is the Lack of an IT Budget Stressing You Out?

IT Budget Stressing You Out?

business office with it managers discussing financial qualms

Is the Lack of an IT Budget Stressing You Out?

As an IT manager for a growing business, your livelihood hinges on your ability to efficiently manage your network, business development applications, and security without exhausting your budget. Unfortunately, the cost of simply “keeping the lights on” now consumes 70% of the average IT budget. This can place undue stress on an overburdened IT manager. If your current lack of IT budget is stressing you out, it is a good time to seek the expertise of an industry specialist who can help you attain a Fortune 500 quality network even if your financial resources are limited. Below is a look at some of the key challenges facing IT managers, and how you can overcome those challenges by following a simple three-step plan.

What are the Most Common Challenges Facing IT Managers?

Today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape requires IT managers to contend with a mounting array of responsibilities. They are expected to provide field service and network connectivity solutions in addition to ensuring that Wifi, data centers, computers, and phones are functional 24/7. Sometimes these responsibilities can be more than an IT team can handle.

What is the Key to Overcoming These Challenges?

If you have stretched your IT budget as far as you possibly can, it may seem like you have hit a brick wall. At this point, the best step to take is to think outside the box and find an innovative solution that will help you achieve your goals while reducing expenses. The key is to seek the expertise of a specialist that understands exactly how your everyday challenges are contributing to your stress. Zeriva seeks to guide you on how to best capitalize on your strengths. By following our simple three-step plan, you can maximize your IT budget without feeling overextended.

How Does the Process Work?

Simplicity is the key to success when implementing an IT solution. Rather than navigating through the complications of working with an OEM, you will be on the fast track to cost savings and reduced stress in just three easy steps:

  • Step One: Send Zeriva your business objectives and key requirements
  • Step Two: Collaborate with Zeriva’s certified engineers and technicians to personalize a solution that meets your needs
  • Step Three: Implement your customized solution without high costs and stress

Upon completion of these three steps, you can begin to refocus your energies on key IT priorities and meeting your business objectives. And if any questions or concerns arise after you implement the plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Zeriva’s technicians are just a phone call away to provide guidance.

What are the Benefits of Following the Plan?

Small to mid-size companies in search of ways to maximize their IT budgets will enjoy a host of benefits by following the plan above. From cost savings to personalized support, the advantages of seeking guidance from a group that has already helped many organizations just like yours can be a difference maker for stressed IT managers. Here is a look at the top five benefits you will experience as you work with Zeriva to optimize your IT resources:

1) Cost Savings of 50% to 90%

“On average, companies spend 70 percent of their IT budgets just to maintain the current network and “keep the lights on,” reports IDC. The ability to reduce hardware maintenance and data center reports without compromising uptime is appealing, especially as organizations address IT megatrends encompassing security, mobility and the Internet of Things.”

– NetworkWorld, IDG Communications

You can choose from a variety of solutions such as refurbished IT hardware and field service support that can yield cost savings of up to 90%. This enables you to allocate additional help and guidance to areas of your department that desperately need financial support.

Hands of businessman looking over financial savings for IT managers

Hands of a businessman looking over financial savings.

2) Customized Solutions for Enterprise Environments

Your organization is completely unique in terms of its IT needs. Accordingly, your organization will receive a customized solution that reflects your specific needs for enterprise-level hardware and support.

3) Stress-Free Implementation and Maintenance

Relying on an OEM to provide equipment implementation and maintenance is costly and stressful for organizations with limited budgets. By partnering with Zeriva, you can enjoy a network that features equipment by leading providers like Cisco, Dell, and EqualLogic without paying exorbitant implementation and maintenance costs. You will also receive computer hardware and ongoing maintenance and support at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to work with an OEM.

4) Superb Customer Support

Swift access to sales support and service is the cornerstone of success for a five-star equipment provider. You deserve to be more than just a number when you require assistance. You receive swift access to live technical support from a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers, technicians, and support staff who are eager to help you achieve your objectives.

5) A Delighted Executive Team

Few things will excite your CFO and CEO more than the prospect of saving up to 90% on high-quality equipment and IT services. By presenting a solution that offers a combination of substantial cost savings and stellar customer support, you will succeed in delighting your boss and the entire executive team for your company.

Are There Any Limitations to Consider?

It is not uncommon for IT managers to worry about working with a non-OEM provider. In particular, you may worry that you might not receive the same quality of product or support that you would from an OEM. And the truth is that not all IT outsourcing companies are created equal. The key to overcoming this concern is to make sure that you choose a partner with the following qualities:

  • Industry expertise: Be sure to inquire about the provider’s past experience working with businesses in your industry
  • Impressive references: Providers who have worked with Fortune 500 companies are an excellent choice
  • Outstanding support: Make sure you choose a provider that employs certified engineers and technicians

The Bottom Line

Overextended IT budgets are a common theme in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape. Fortunately, you can reduce your stress by implementing Zeriva’s simple three-step plan. We invite you to contact us today to find out why customers such as Ford, Fujitsu, and Hyatt entrust us to deliver cost-effective solutions to their IT teams. We look forward to providing guidance and support to help your IT department thrive!

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4 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Next IT Budget

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4 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Next IT Budget
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